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Tokachidake backcountry


Tour operating dates 20th Dec - 15th March

This tour package costs ¥255,000 total and includes 3-day ski/snowboard guiding experience with an added benefit of 1-day flexibility. This means that you can reserve a 4-day window, within which you can choose any 3 days for ski/snowboard guiding. The remaining 1 day can be used for rest or to adjust your itinerary as per weather conditions for added flexibility. This is the best value deal in town!

Locations: Primarily lift accessible backcountry and backcountry touring at the ski resorts (Furano, Kamui, Tomamu, Sahoro, Asahidake). Additional options for backcountry touring at Daisetsuzan National Park and more depending on groups skill level and equipment.

Sample Itinerary - Booking dates e.g. 1st to 4th of Jan. The day will commence with an early morning hotel pickup, typically between 7:30 to 8:00 am, via a Hiace van, and proceed towards the skiing location. We will ski from opening till 12:30 pm, break for lunch, and return to skiing till 3:30 pm. After a long day of skiing, we will take you to the nearest favourite Onsen to unwind till 5:00 pm. The day will conclude with a drop-off at your hotel between 5:00 - 6:00 pm.


  • Reserve 4 days: 3 days guiding | 1 rest or private day.

  • All transport during guided days (10-seater hiace).


Not included

  • Lift tickets, food, accommodation, and airport flight tickets.



  • Avalanche safety equipment rentals (bag, beacon, probe, shovel). An additional fee ¥10,000 yen per person.



  • Must be advanced skill level and experienced skiing/snowboarding off-piste and powder.

  • Private groups only and the group size is limited to 1-5 people.

  • Please bring your own skis/snowboard and equipment. It is highly recommended to bring touring skies or split board.

  • Travel insurance covering skiing/snowboarding must be arranged by customer.

Type of terrain and conditions

  • Our primary focus will be to spend 90% of the day off-piste exploring the side and backcountry of Furano and other ski resorts (Asahidake, Kamui, Tomamu, Pippu, Sahoro). Other backcountry touring requests for the Tokachidake, Furanodake, and Kurodake areas are available upon request.

  • You can expect light dry, deep snow, perfect for riding powder. Temps will be cold, ranging from -10 to -30°C / 14 to -22°F.  The terrain is a mix of open spaces, and tight tree runs, steep and mellow terrain with short traverses at the end of some runs to get back to the resorts. Hokkaido winter is typically snowy and overcast, causing low visibility (bring those high-vis lenses!). Conditions can vary depending on location and altitude so bring plenty of layers to stay warm and be protected from the elements. 

Skill requirements

  • The group must be advanced or higher skill level and prior experience skiing or snowboarding in powder. It's important that you feel confident on black diamond runs, routinely venture off-piste at resorts or in the backcountry, can navigate any alpine terrain with ease, and maintain a steady rhythm. Nonetheless, since these tours are private, we can adjust the level of difficulty of the terrain to match your skill level. 

Avalanche Safety Equipment

  • For all guided tours, it is mandatory to have avalanche safety equipment including backpack, beacon, probe, and shovel. Please inform me if you don't have this equipment and rentals will be arranged

Important points to consider

  • Please note that weather conditions will be an essential factor when deciding which ski resort or location to visit. This will ensure you can enjoy the best snow conditions while prioritizing safety. 

  • For further details, kindly refer to the FAQ section.

  • Please review the payment and refund policy.

3 Day Tour package
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