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About Furano Ski Resort, Off-piste & Backcountry

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Have you thought about visiting Furano? I highly recommend it! This delightful town and ski location is where I decided to call home and for a good reason.

Check out this quick video of me and my buddy at Furano Ski Resort.

About Furano Ski Resort

Furano is a top skiing destination with 950+ vertical meters of slopes, 24 runs, 10 lifts, and has hosted the Ski and Snowboard World Cup. Lifts operate from Nov to May with over nine meters of annual snow. It has two sides or starting zones: Kitanomine and Furano. The Kitanomine side, closer to the "ski town" called Kitanomine, has a gondola (6 people) that takes you to the top of the mountain. Most guests staying in this town start on this side. The Furano side is further away and hosts the company's central ski-in ski-out hotel, "Prince Hotel." This side has a ropeway that can carry about 50 people in winter. Both sides are great and linked in the middle by a chair lift called "Link Lift." Therefore, it doesn't matter which side you start as you can move to the other side halfway through the day.

Why come to Furano?

Furano is a city located in the centre of Hokkaido, Japan. It is known for having the country's coldest and lightest powder snow. This location is convenient as it is at the centre and provides access to other ski resorts and backcountry terrain. Kamui, Tomamu, and Asahidake Mountain are all just an hour away, each offering diverse terrain and skiing options. Furano is surrounded by a valley, with Daisetsuzan National Park on the opposite side. This location is ideal for backcountry skiing due to its accessibility and unlimited terrain. Furano Ski Resort itself is a great option, with some of the best tree skiing I've ever experienced and many open faces that can be accessed by a short boot pack to ski some steep, wide-open terrain. It offers numerous options for finding hidden runs and fresh powder all day. Finally, one thing that I appreciate about Furano is its peaceful and uncrowded environment, especially when compared to places like Niseko. I have lived and worked in Niseko before but found it too busy for my liking. In contrast, Furano provides a calm, relaxed atmosphere without all the hustle and bustle.

Check out this quick video of me and my buddies at Furano Ski Resort, captured in early December 2023 and claimed first tracks for the season.

How to make the most of your trip to Furano?

Although I dislike being a salesman, I highly recommend hiring a guide to fully experience your ski trip in Japan, particularly in Furano. You will need transportation to access all the surrounding locations, and the best spots are often known only to local guides. It seems pointless to travel all the way to Japan and miss out on the best terrain, hidden runs, onsen, and dining experiences that only a local guide can provide. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help hiring a guide or planning your trip to Furano in Hokkaido, Japan. I'm always available to assist and will gladly answer any questions.

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Jan 21

Hi Allan, good stuff. We are in Furano this week, could we speak about guide possibilities pls?


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